Salem and Boston

It was time to make a road trip to Boston, and Salem being so nearby, we wanted to stop there as well. Salem plays an important role in a manuscript I’m working on and I figured that it was a good idea to go and experience the place first hand. Google searches can bring an overwhelming amount of information, but it can’t give you the essence of a place. That’s what I went for. Granted, the experience was different with my family than it would have been on my own, but I did my best to let the place sink in to me. I would have loved to wander from one corner to the next, taking lengthy stops to sketch all of the crazy old architecture and grave stones and every flavor of person one can imagine.  As it was, we walked quite a bit of Salem, over two days, and my sketch stops were intermittent and decidedly short. I like quick sketching, so it didn’t bother me, but I barely dusted the immense, rich history scattered everywhere.

Boston was disappointing only in that we didn’t have time to see much of it. It is stunning! We had planned to go for the full day on Saturday, but learned of the “Free Speech” Rally that was slated for The Commons, which was exactly where we were headed, and being on a family vacation and not an activist trip (though we out-rightly oppose the notion of spreading hate), we decided to steer clear and opt to visit Salem again.

Once in Boston, we wandered The Common (a large park) and hit the Boston Public Market for a quick snack before wandering down to the waterfront.  Sketching time was even more constrained, given we were only there for three hours, but I managed a few quickies and finished the rest en route back home to Montreal.  I want to go back.

Do you travel sketch when on family vacations? How do you squeeze in your sketch time?

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