Watercolour Travel Kit Tutorial

No need to buy an expensive, pre-packaged watercolour travel kit. It’s easy to make your own. You can customize your colour choices, and even make several palettes according to what kind of mood you are in. This is a great way to use a few tubes of paint to make a kit for each of your family and friends for your sketching adventures together. I saw a similar tutorial for this when I was preparing for an Urban Sketching camp a few summers ago. We made a bunch up, as a group, and they were a big hit. Give it a go.

  • Note – student quality paint is fine, but the really cheap stuff may crumble when it’s dry, making it jumble around a bit and end up in the wrong paint well. If you can’t spring for a better quality paint, make sure to use the folded paper towel (shown below) to keep the dried paints in place while stored away in your pocket or bag. Though, you won’t be disappointed if you go for a more quality paint – the pigmentation is so much more vibrant and lovely. I know cost of supplies is a hurdle if you are preparing kits for a large group of students. We do the best we can.

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Click through the gallery for step by step details on how to make your own pocket watercolour kit.

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