Want a personalized painting? Hire me. I’m a really nice girl.

  • I am open to commissioned work – if you are around Montreal and want me to sketch a place that is near and dear to you, contact me and let’s talk.
  • Alternatively, I am open to sketching from a photograph (or travelling if you are super keen to have me come and want to pay for my transportation :)). Just give me a holler and let’s talk.
  • Let me know if you would like me to run a workshop in your area.  Watercolour and pen techniques, travel-sketchbook making, sketch-tourism, urban sketch crawls with your friends/colleagues and family – the possibilities are vast and exciting.  See your surroundings in more detail than you’ve ever noticed before; contact me to book an event.

Surface Pattern Design

I love fabric and pattern. I love coming up with new and fancy and sometimes cheeky surface pattern designs. Contact me if you want a custom pattern for your business or personal use.

Book Cover Design

I am part of the SCBWI, loud and proud. I am also a writer and illustrator and working on various projects including a young adult historical fantasy series.  As a designer, it’s natural for me to lean toward book cover design. Contact me if you are on the ever popular road to self-publishing and are looking for a kickin’ cover to help you stand out from the crowd.  I am proud to be affiliated with Aaxel Communications who will get you from manuscript to market with help from experts.

Design and Branding

I can help you brand your business and create all kinds of alluring business assets, from social media marketing to door to door brochures, signs, and custom logo design and marketing consultation, to name a few.  I can help you get off and running in style.

Design Process 

Below is my general design process. Feel free to contact me with any further questions. 

1. a little recon – To learn more about your business, your goals, as well as your personal design style and preferences, I have created a short questionnaire, aka creative brief, that will act as a guide for our collaborative creative process. This will provide the springboard of inspiration for me.

2. I construct a quote – based on your questionnaire answers, a full understanding of your needs, and timeline for deliverables.  When agreed, 50% payment is required before moving forward.

3.Research, research, research. I create a mood board based on what we’ve discussed.

4. concept drafts – I’ll come up with some visual concept drafts and send them your way for feedback. Generally, you can expect between 2 and 6 initial concepts, and we will use those as a platform from which to head towards the final design.

5. the final countdown – when you are in love with what we’ve created and the finishing touches are complete, final payment is required, and the ownership of the completed file(s) are transferred to you.

This is an example of the concept draft process. It’s about finding out what you like and don’t like, what will jive with your demographic, and using that information to hone in on the best logo for your business.
I can help you with finding a cohesive direction for your business identity, complete with logo, web and print assets.
Let’s talk and create something together! Contact me here.
Look! It’s my cv, in case you were wondering …