Self Sabotage and Finding Focus

Growing up as a creative kid with very hands-on, project oriented, DIY parents, I’ve had many moments of looking at things in shops, or in magazines, or catalogues, or noticing an accessory or fetching outfit on someone passing me by, and thought: I could make that. And sure, a lot of the time I didn’t make…


I think I’m falling in love with pattern design. I’ve tried a few with only digital techniques, and that’s a lot of fun. Like these two (inspired by my west coast roots, and a design project I recently did for a Vancouver Island blogger): Arbutus trees with wintery ocean colours … And whales and hearts….

Mile End and St Ambroise

This past week I worked at a few different locations – ones I visit often due to errands and running children about. This is one of my all time favorite buildings in Montreal. Abandoned in 1989, it’s the old Canadian Malting Factory, built in 1904.  I worried that it was on the verge of being…

Around Montreal

In my effort to sketch daily and build watercolour skills, I’m filling my wee watercolour sketch book quite nicely. I don’t always get a completed painting done each day, but perhaps a sketch one day and the painting the next. Sometimes I’ll do multiple in one day – whatever the day allows. The above is…

Designing a Vehicle Wrap Part 2

  This is the finishing steps from a looong time ago (see Part 1) to fine tuning and file preparation before sending the file to the printers. I apologize for the delay. We adjusted the design to minimize vinyl which meant removing the white from the back end. After receiving thumbs up on the mock up…

The Frozen Lachine Canal

I went cross country skiing along the Lachine Canal last week. I didn’t stop to sketch (it was too cold) but I managed to snap a few photos. This sketch was done at home in my tiny homemade watercolour book.  

Sommerville Ave

A tiny urban sketch. Row houses in NDG. It’s such a quaint area of the city – it would be lovely to live here, but the property taxes are stupidly high.  

Easy Sew Slip Cover For a Piano Bench

We are borrowing a wonderful keyboard piano from some friends while they are away for six months in France. We had it only one day before my husband looked at me and said, “The cat is going to destroy that bench. You saw what she was like with our leather couch.”  MmmHmm. I immediately set…

Verdun at Hickson – Urban Sketch

   A wee urban sketch of a burger joint in chilly Verdun, QC, not too far from my home. This place has been here since the 80s, as far as I can tell from the bitchen hairdo of the woman featured on their menu.