Glory! It’s the Little People.

Have you found inspiration today?  Here, I’ll throw you a bone.  Check out the blog Little People. It’s brilliant in it’s simplicity and execution, connecting instantly with very familiar human experiences on a teeny, tiny scale.  I wonder what the little people are up to in my neighborhood? Or yours? ~Julie

Art. Design. The Human Experience

Graffiti Mundo: Street Art for the People in Buenos Aires “Children should learn to draw as they learn to write, and such a mystery should not be made of it.”  — expressed by the American painter, William Morris Hunt (1824-1879). Recently, this quote stuck me with a deep pang of interest. The question that comes…

Passionate People

~A sampling of a what I’ve been hard at work at these days~ What inspires your passions? My kids are so dang inspirational!  They not only keep me sharp and on my toes, but they deliver me the gift of laughter. Often.

Updating My Website

Years ago, I learned some Flash basics in AS2. I thought I had a few things figured out quite nicely, but now that everything has gone AS3 I’ve suffered some severe, but thankfully temporary, frustration. Like …  the ‘wanting to screech and stomp like a toddler in a fit’ kind of frustration. Here, on the…