One Piece Flippy Slippers


Okay, so these ones aren’t ONE piece.
But, these ones are:

I know, super, right?  They’re Japanese.  When my daughter was 6 and my kids were laying in bed discussing things they liked, she piped up with, “You know what I like? Japanese people. They make Toyota; they make sushi; they make Transformers; they make Nintendo. I think they’re great.”  I think she’s right. This cool one piece slipper design is so very clever and I wanted to try and replicate it. I’m a sucker for comfort, however, and the one piece version doesn’t look squishy enough for me, so I added a lining and an insole layer.  If I had a chunk of quilted fabric, I might get away with just the one piece (per foot, obviously).

It took me three tries to get the shape right. I used an old slipper as the base template for the main sole, then mirrored the top portion (at a bit of an angle) to create the fold-over. The pattern piece looks a bit like kissy lips with half of the bottom lip missing. Try it! Then cut it out and fold the paper over and see if your foot fits in it (with a little extra for seam allowances). Make the necessary adjustments – trial and error, y’all. See the basic measurements I used for my big feet written on the paper in the photos below.

I opened up the leg of an old pair of jeans – I had to place the pattern over a seam.

Cut out the denim, then do the same with something warm and cushy, like fleece. 

I happened to have remnants from a wool sweater, so I traced around my foot and cut out two of these.

Totals:  2 denim, 2 fleece, 2 wool insoles.

Pin the denim and fleece together, right sides together (don’t let the photo fool you – I wanted the “wrong” side of the denim to be my “right” side – and yes, it was an oversight at first, but I rolled with it, due to my Bob Ross approach to sewing).

Sew 1/4″ seam around all sides, remembering to leave an opening for turning.

Clip the curves and corners and trim seams if necessary.

Turn.  Fold the opening into itself and pin it along the seam.  You can choose to baste this shut now to not have to think about it later, or move onto the next step.

Pin your wool insole onto the fleece side of the slipper. 

Top stitch a narrow line around the edges, securing it in place.

Fold the flap over and pin toe and side seam together.  Keep in mind that if you didn’t baste the opening as mentioned a few steps back, you’ll have to make sure it’s all lined up properly before stitching.  

I stitched a double line, because, well, I’m a safety girl.

I don’t really like this squared edge ….

So I tacked it to the bottom of the slipper.

Embellish as you please. 

Add puff paint to the bottom for slip resistance. 

I drew faces. Because I felt like it. 
And that’s it!  See my other upcycled slipper tutorial here.
Are your feet warm?